Aden Logistics Integrates McLeod, Apex, Volum8, and Sage Intacct to Scale for Growth



Aden Logistics is a trusted logistics partner that goes the extra mile to build strong relationships and create strategic solutions that meet their customers' needs. They offer a wide range of truckload transportation services throughout North America, including climate-controlled, dry van, flatbed, intermodal, and specialized services.


Aden Logistics has recently switched from QuickBooks to Sage Intacct. Sage Intacct is a more scalable solution that can accommodate the company's growing data and transaction volumes while maintaining high performance. Sage Intacct also provides multi-entity support, something they didn't have with QuickBooks. The primary goal of this transition is to streamline Aden Logistics' processes, eliminating the need for manual operations and paving the way for a more efficient future. "Automating our finance function was crucial; we aimed to integrate as much as possible from our operating systems into Sage Intacct," said Thomas McCullough, Aden Logistics, Director of Finance and Administration.


After the transition to Sage Intacct, integration remained a challenge. They needed to integrate Sage Intacct with McLeod, a transportation management and trucking software; Volum8, a customized website design, app development, digital marketing, project management, and branding services organization; and Apex, a building sketch & area calculation software.

Aden Logistics needed help integrating:

  • Volum8: Customers, vendors, accounts payable, and accounts receivable.
  • McLeod: Customers, accounts receivable, accounts, and accounts receivable payments.
  • Apex: Customers, accounts receivable.


Sage Intacct suggested a custom integration, but Aden Logistics knew there had to be a better and more affordable way. The discovery of DataBlend on the Sage Intacct Marketplace proved to be a game-changer. After meeting with DataBlend's Account Executive, Erik Neilssen, they knew they had found a way to integrate Sage Intacct with McLeod and Apex.

"We integrated McLeod, Volum8, and Apex to Sage Intacct via SFTP. We started with twelve workflows. The workflows included Apex customer and AR, McLeod customer and  AR, AR payment for McLeod vendor creation, and AP Bill and AP Payment for McLeod. Aden Logistics went from manual to automated processes. We replicated the same workflows for the data feeds from Volum8. We integrated customer creation, AR, AP, and vendor creation. Automating not only saves significant time but also saves on headcount," said Jonathan Cobb, DataBlend, Integration Consultant.

"From the very start, we loved working with Jonathan. He has a logistics, finance, and accounting background and was a perfect fit to create our integration. Right after the sales process, he jumped in and knew exactly what he needed to do to make us successful," said an Aden Logistics Associate.

How integrating Sage Intacct helps companies like Aden Logistics:

  • Streamlines financial management processes.
  • Reduces manual errors and improves efficiency.
  • Provides robust reporting and analytics capabilities for informed decision-making.
  • Enhances data accuracy through integration with other business systems.
  • Promotes seamless information flow across departments.
  • Facilitates remote work and collaboration with its cloud-based platform.
  • Automates workflows to streamline operations.
  • Offers customizable dashboards for better visibility and control.
  • Empowers teams to focus on value-added tasks.
  • Enables companies to optimize financial processes and drive growth effectively.

"After looking at what the Aden Logistics team did in QuickBooks before the Sage Intacct implementation, we have reduced the time the Accounts Payable team can review the invoices. As a result, they can now process the payments more efficiently without going through all the aging buckets in QuickBooks and manually inputting invoices. This has eliminated the need for manual invoice input," said Jonathan Cobb, DataBlend, Integration Consultant.

"Thanks to the success of DataBlend, we have been able to scale and grow without adding headcount," said Thomas McCullough, Aden Logistics.


After DataBlend integrated Sage Intacct to McLeod, Volum8, and Apex, Aden Logistics added an integration to HubSpot. DataBlend makes scaling and adding new connections and integrations easy.

"Sage Intacct is highly adaptable when it comes to receiving data. It becomes a perfect solution when combined with DataBlend's formatting capabilities," said Thomas McCullough, Aden Logistics.

Industry Vertical:

Truck Transportation


  • Volum8
  • McLeod
  • Apex

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