Robust Integrations from DataBlend and Sage Intacct

Accounting and finance teams that have multiple software applications in their tech stack need reliable, easy-to-use integrations

With the release of Sage Intacct Data Flows, you can deploy integrations to eliminate the wasted time rekeying or loading import files, reduce errors, provide up-to-date information, and can help improve billing timeliness and DSO. Sage Intacct Data Flows, included with the 2024 R1 release, deliver these benefits and more.

Sage Intacct Data Flows can be added to your Sage Intacct subscription to provide both prebuilt and tailored integrations. DataBlend is extremely excited about Sage Intacct Data Flows because they are built leveraging DataBlend's iPaaS platform.

Prebuilt and Tailored - You Choose 

Sage Intacct understands that there are many applications commonly used or relied on by accounting and finance teams. CRM (both customer and constituent relationship management) applications are a great example. That is why Sage Intacct is working with DataBlend to offer prebuilt integrations to commonly used applications. HubSpot is just the first of many! 

And if a prebuilt integration is not available, don't worry.  You can still use Sage Intacct Data Flows to tailor a solution to meet your requirements.  This will be especially useful when out-of-the-box integrations simply do not meet your needs.

HubSpo to SI
Prebuilt Solution: HubSpot to Sage Intacct Example

Typically, integration between CRM solutions (like HubSpot and Sage Intacct) requires many hours to implement. Workflows need to be set up so that when Companies or Products are added or updated in HubSpot, they are added or updated in Sage Intacct. The same is true for when Deals are marked as Closed Won in HubSpot, Sales Orders or Sales Invoices, Contracts, and possibly Projects need to be added to Sage Intacct. If you have ever worked on an integration, you know that these "actions" involve more than simply mapping from one application to another; specific rules must be applied. That is why the typical integration can be costly to implement. Not anymore! Sage Intacct and DataBlend have worked together to streamline the integration - - - what used to consume many hours and potentially cost tens of thousands of dollars can be completed quickly and for an activation fee of just $1,000.

See the recording below to learn how this is possible.

Tailored Solution: Sage Intacct, HubSpot, Budgeting, and Payroll Example

While Sage Intacct and DataBlend are working hard to add Prebuilt Solutions with each release, Sage Intacct recognizes that you need to get other integrations up and running now. That is why you can also subscribe to Sage Intacct Data Flows to implement tailored solutions.  

In this example, you can support six Sage Intacct and HubSpot workflows, along with budgeting and payroll applications:

  1. Creating payroll journal entries in Sage Intacct from your HR/payroll application
  2. Updating your budgeting and planning (CPM) application with benefits costs from your HR/payroll application
  3. Creating sales orders in Sage Intacct from HubSpot or whatever CRM you are using
  4. Updating your CRM with payment status from Sage Intacct
  5. Updating your sales forecast in your CPM application from your CRM
  6. Updating your CPM application with actuals from Sage Intacct

You can do all of that and more with Sage Intacct Data Flows!

Just ask your Sage Intacct Account Executive or Customer Success Manager. And while these Tailored Solutions are not implemented for the $1,000 activation fee, in most cases, they are implemented for much less than what you may have been quoted in the past. 

Sage Intacct Data Flow Sample Tailored Solution-1
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Contacts - HubSpot to Sage Intacct

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Customers with Contacts - HubSpot to Sage Intacct

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Creating Items in Sage Intacct Based on Items in HubSpot

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Creating Projects Between HubSpot and Sage Intacct

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Tasks - HubSpot to Sage Intacct

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SFTP Journal Entry Creation Workflow

The demo showcases DataBlend's SFTP Journal Entry Creation Workflow.

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Sage Intacct Case Studies


"Working with DataBlend has been an easy collaborative process. Their willingness to be flexible as we built the automation during the implementation process was phenomenal."

Projec Hope logo new

DataBlend automated Project HOPE's forecasting and budgeting process. They made it a painless integration process with Workday Adaptive Planning. Project HOPE established robust dashboards and financial reports for board and finance committee meetings.


"From the very start, DataBlend was easy to work with. They did an excellent job presenting the connection to Sage Intacct. DataBlend was able to connect CCH and Sage Intacct. With a push of a button, it eliminated our manual journal entry processes."


“At year end, we had to import data manually, so we had to wait until everything closes to pull data from Sage Intacct to Workday Adaptive Planning. With DataBlend, we can pull data in before the books close, so that we can see an estimate of where we are at.”


“Accountants don’t want to spend time doing manual work. We want to review and check. This happens by implementing automated processes. DataBlend gives us that.”


SAOS met DataBlend at the Sage Summit; they were looking to automate their processes to Sage Intacct. DataBlend has the ability to automate outdated technology via an SFTP connection to Sage Intacct. "When properly coded, DataBlend automates what was once impossible."

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