Automate file uploads into Sage Intacct to drive growth and deliver ROI in your CAS / BPO / outsourcing practice.

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Estimate how much your outsourcing practice could benefit from having a streamlined way to import client data. Enter eight data points and see your ROI.

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DataBlend is relied on by more than 400 Sage Intacct customers and a rapidly growing list of Sage Intacct partners that need fast, reliable, and secure integrations.

With DataBlend, your outsourcing team can expect measurable benefits by eliminating manual file transformation and imports for billing, POS, payroll, payment processing, bank statements, and more: 

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70-80% reduction in the manual effort loading data into Sage Intacct.

High return on investment in the first year and higher moving forward.

Faster close process.

And your clients will benefit from having more up-to-date and timely information to make critical decisions. 


"There are many use cases for utilizing DataBlend. We have several clients in the queue for automating Sage Intacct. Our overall mission is to automate and streamline processes for time savings. Having more time allows us to focus on more client projects." ~ Jessica Robb, Implementation Project Manager at SAOS

In the Real World

SIAP that provides outsourced accounting to a multi-location QSR franchisee. The SIAP estimated that someone from their team spent nearly 45 minutes uploading POS for this client.

SIAP that has craft brewery clients using Ekos, which doesn't integrate with Sage Intacct. Their clients resisted moving from legacy accounting platforms to Sage Intacct because integration wasn't possible.

SIAP firm that recently signed with DataBlend integrated three clients. Using metrics from those clients, they built integration plans and efficiencies into future SOWs.

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Eliminate Export & Import Time with DataBlend

It's common for accountants to manipulate payroll files in Excel and manually upload them to your ERP (i.e., Sage Intacct). It's time-consuming and prone to errors. DataBlend provides an easier and faster way to drop payroll files into a journal entry. 

Download DataBlend's SIAP Value Framework Template

SIAP Value Framework
DataBlend's SIAP Value Framework helps you organize client by client, system by system. See the effort your teams need to get data into Sage Intacct.
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Lavoie CPA Automates their Outsourced Accounting Clients' Manual Work with DataBlend

"Working with DataBlend has been an easy collaborative process. Their willingness to be flexible as we built the automation during the implementation process was phenomenal. In addition to that flexibility, they also challenged us. We brainstormed scenarios and took the time to find the right solutions. Getting the right footing is essential to our overall success," says Sharai Lavoie, Managing Member at Lavoie CPA.

DataBlend can also deliver additional benefits by integrating your Sage Intacct console directly with your clients’ cloud-based applications. Below is just a list of a few. 

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