Leverage DataBlend to bring data from ADP® into Workday Adaptive Planning®.

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ADP® customers can now leverage DataBlend to bring data into Workday Adaptive Planning®.

DataBlend leverages the “workers” API from ADP® to pull in all personnel information (headcount, names, salaries, benefits, tax info, etc.,), which can then be queried and transformed into Workday Adaptive Planning®. Typically, Personnel is a “modeled” sheet within Workday Adaptive Planning®, which displays the full headcount roster. This sheet is very customizable, so all the DataBlend user needs to do is map fields from ADP® to Workday Adaptive Planning® appropriately. DataBlend loads to this Workday Adaptive Planning® sheet by either overwriting what is already there, or appending rows based on a unique identifier so that the information is updated without duplicating entries. This can be loaded to a Plan version for forecasting/budgeting purposes, or to an Actuals version to track historical headcount.

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Use Case:

A DataBlend client loads ADP® roster data into Workday Adaptive Planning® model directly, thereby cutting down the monthly headcount reconciliation process significantly.


The integration will extract Employee detail (Worker) information from ADP® and load it into a Workday Adaptive Planning® personnel sheet. It can load to multiple versions, as well as provide options to append, update or erase/replace the data. The integration can be scheduled or triggered manually through the DataBlend iPaaS application.


Environments with high volatility with staffing from high volume growth, keeping personnel information in the forecasting system is critical. This integration allows this information to be maintained with no manual effort and as often as required.

Features & Benefits

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  • Saves Time: Eliminates time consuming, manual extractions and uploads.
  • Data Integrity: Ensures data integrity across ADP® and Workday Adaptive Planning®.
  • Scalability: Guarantees scalability as you add to your fintech stack.
  • Eliminates manual effort: Your staff can focus on higher level tasks instead of hours of repetitive manual entry.
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“The amount of value that we have extracted from DataBlend is worth 10x the cost. We would pay 2, 3, 4X more for DataBlend due to the value it has brought to Cloudmed.” - Jacob Schuler