Azurity Pharmaceuticals Shortens Data Cleanup from Half a Day to Two Minutes



Azurity Pharmaceuticals is a privately held, specialty pharmaceutical company that focuses on innovative products that meet the needs of patients with underserved conditions. As an industry leader in providing unique, accessible, and high-quality medications, Azurity leverages its integrated capabilities and vast partner network to continually expand its broad commercial product portfolio and robust late-stage pipeline. The company’s patient-centric products span the cardiovascular, neurology, endocrinology, gastro-intestinal, institutional, and orphan markets, and have benefited millions of patients.


Azurity wanted to integrate Workday Adaptive Planning and QuickBooks. They needed to see inventory inside of Workday Adaptive Planning. “We acquired a few companies in the past, and they use QuickBooks as their accounting system. QuickBooks is fine for putting entries in, but data retrieval is messy,” says Joshua Burch, Manager, Financial Reporting & Analytics at Azurity Pharmaceuticals.


Without integration between the systems, the amount of manual work required to extract data wastes countless hours for the finance and accounting team. “Without automation, cleaning the data takes at least half a day. Lucky for me, DataBlend has been an integral part of our finance and accounting tech stack since 2020.”


Since integrating Workday Adaptive Planning and QuickBooks, Azurity has been able to eliminate its manual data processing. “DataBlend has been seamlessly integrated. It runs every hour or two, connecting the two systems and ensuring the most up-to-date data is available. It takes two minutes to run, which is no time whatsoever. And when it comes out, it is in a very usable format that is user friendly.”

Benefits of Connecting DataBlend:

  • Automated data flowing between both financial applications.
  • Receive daily notifications to ensure data is loaded successfully.
  • Gained access to real-time and accurate financial data.
  • Increased time savings and decreased monthly workload.

“For the month-end close, I must clean the report manually. Now I can update it three times a day instead of once daily. As a result, I can see updated numbers throughout the day, which is incredibly helpful.”


Azurity has gained additional resources and efficiencies using DataBlend. “Olivia and the entire DataBlend team are amazing. I know that I have a strong team in place with DataBlend. I can do more by implementing automation, making my job much easier. DataBlend’s value far exceeds what we pay.”

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Industry Vertical:



  • QuickBooks
  • Workday Adaptive Planning

Sample Workflows:

  • QuickBooks Balance Sheet
  • QuickBooks Profit and Loss
  • Units Sold
  • Item by Site
  • Open Sales Zeros
  • Open Sales Orders
  • Open Sales Orders Quantity
  • Transactions

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