C3 Brands Integrates Solentris and Adaptive Insights with DataBlend

Solentris to Adaptive Integration


C3 Brands, based out of Nebraska, is made up of three different companies including Battle, a football apparel and equipment company serving the US, Sun Ice which offers outerwear and ski apparel serving the US and Canada, and Bobby Jones focusing on golf apparel serving the US and United Kingdom. The company has been a happy DataBlend customer for over three years. As the leader of the Financial Planning & Analysis team at C3 Brands, Director Kristofer Kucirek is very hands on with using the Sage Intacct application, previously sold to C3 Brands and implemented by Carlson Management, which is now a part of Alight.



C3 Brands wanted to integrate their instance of Adaptive Planning to Solentris, their order management system, so Carlson recommended DataBlend as the preferred integration tool knowing that the implementation team would be able to quickly build a custom integration between the two applications.



Without an integration between the systems, the amount of manual work required to extract data from Solentris, prepare the data files, complete any data manipulations and upload the data into Adaptive without creating any errors would take hours of time. As a busy lifestyle apparel company, spending unnecessary time on manual extractions and workflows wasn’t going to work for Kris and his team.

“I don’t have to do anything. It’s all automated. Very low maintenance to manage”. ~ Kristofer Kucerik, FP&A , C3 Brands



By integrating Adaptive Insights and Solentris, Kris and his team at C3 Brands:

  • Automated financial reporting between both financial applications
  • Receive daily notifications to ensure data was loaded successfully
  • Gained access to real-time, accurate financial data
  • Decreased opportunity for errors 100%
  • Increased time savings
  • Decreased monthly workload
  • Gained a support team that replaces the need for internal IT resources

“We wanted to add new attributes last year, and the DataBlend support team helped us flow it all into Adaptive. We are very happy to have them as a resource when we want to build out new workflows between our applications.” ~ Kristofer K.



Since partnering with DataBlend, Kris continues to find value daily through DataBlend’s capabilities to automate manual, time-consuming, and error prone processes, which in turn has given back time to Kris to focus on greater priorities. The simple, daily notifications alerting that C3 Brands’ data has successfully loaded into Adaptive is the most important thing for Kris as it quickly confirms everything is running smoothly or, if something needs to be addressed, he can care for the update right away. Overall, DataBlend has delivered a lot of value to C3 Brands and Kris is very happy with the product and service team.

“The daily notifications are really important to ensure everything loads into Adaptive. It takes me about thirty seconds every morning to make sure everything was pushed over, and if by chance there is an error I know what I need to update and it only takes me a couple of minutes. The entire process is very easy to manage.” ~ Kristofer K.

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Industry Vertical:



Adaptive, Solentris


Data Parsing
based on unique identifier

Sign Flipping
GL accounts flipped as necessary

Split Label Creation
for rows with dimensions for Adaptive acceptance

Actuals Removal
in Adaptive for accuracy

Pivot Transactions
into monthly and annual summarized data for Adaptive upload

Cell Removal
Zero value or $0 cells removed for efficient review

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