Cloudmed Integrates Multiple Finance and Accounting Platforms with Significant Results

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Cloudmed, an R1 company, helps healthcare systems maximize outcomes in a complex financial world. With industry-leading expertise and data-driven technology, they deliver actionable insights across the revenue cycle, helping providers boost productivity and increase revenue. They are proud to partner with over 3,100 healthcare providers in the United States to recover over $1.7 billion of underpaid or unidentified revenue annually.


Cloudmed needed a data integration solution between Sage Intacct and Workday Adaptive Insights. The Financial Planning and Analysis (FP&A) team was spending too much time loading transactions into the general ledger (GL). After evaluating two integration platform-as-a-service (iPaaS) solutions, they selected DataBlend as their finance and accounting integration partner.

“When it came down to Workday Adaptive Planning integration experience, DataBlend had a longer and more successful track record with integrating Sage Intacct to Adaptive,” says Rizwan Gangwani, Cloudmed’s Senior Financial Analyst, FP&A.


The Cloudmed FP&A team was spending too much time in Sage Intacct and Workday Adaptive Planning. “Our team was doing too much ‘keep the lights on’ activities and not enough time focusing on value-added tasks. Prior to DataBlend, it would take us over an hour to load transactions into the GL – now with DataBlend we can accomplish the same task in 10-minutes,” says Jacob Schuler, Cloudmed’s FP&A Manager.

Finance and accounting teams gain a lot of value from data integration. It creates more efficient processes and brings together data gathered from different finance systems to enable real-time decision making.


By integrating Sage Intacct and Workday Adaptive Planning, Cloudmed has made Workday Adaptive Planning its one-stop shop. “Powered by DataBlend, the FP&A team is much more efficient. We hardly go into Sage Intacct. In addition, we’ve been able to tag data coming from Sage Intacct into Adaptive at a much more granular level. Running real-time reports before a meeting is a breeze,” says Jacob Schuler.

“We were up and running with DataBlend quickly. The DataBlend team did 95% of the work and we didn’t have to involve anyone outside of the finance team for the integration. It’s a testament to the finance and accounting subject matter experts at DataBlend. They’ve made the tool easy to use,” says Jacob Schuler.

Since implementing DataBlend to integrate Sage Intacct and Workday Adaptive Planning they have expanded their use of DataBlend. They are now integrating Workday Adaptive Planning to Smartsheet and secure file transfer protocol (SFTP) to ADP.

Prior to Cloudmed, DataBlend didn’t have an integration to Smartsheet. The Cloudmed team made the request and in less than a month we had a solution up and running. “New integrations are developed on a need-basis. We are constantly coming up with integrations that show value. Quite a lot of the new ideas come from our customers and partners. In most cases they are using DataBlend in some capacity and can see the value across other applications,” says Zachary Griggs, DataBlend’s Director of Client Success.

“After we saw DataBlend in action it was easy to see how it could be applied to other applications that we were using in the finance department. We are just starting to scratch the surface on what’s possible – there is so much more value to be had,” says Jacob Schuler.

Results with DataBlend:

  • Sage Intacct to Workday Adaptive Planning: Reduced transaction time from over an hour to 10-minutes.
  • SFTP to ADP: Cloudmed is easily able to reconcile headcount. It used to take a few days and now it takes less than a day.
  • Smartsheet to Workday Adaptive Planning: Cloudmed can sync headcount from the recruiting team from Smartsheet to Workday Adaptive Planning. With DataBlend they can pull salaries and other important information over from Smartsheet so that the planning process in Workday Adaptive Planning is more efficient.


“The amount of value that we have extracted from DataBlend is worth 10x the cost. We would pay 2, 3, 4X more for DataBlend due to the value it has brought to Cloudmed,” says Jacob Schuler.

What’s next for Cloudmed?

Cloudmed is integrating Workday Adaptive Insights to PowerBI. “In addition to PowerBI, I’d like additional training on DataBlend so that I can learn to do more connections on my own,” says Rizwan Gangwani.

Cloudmed was recently acquired and will soon transition from Sage Intacct to Oracle. “We were recently acquired, and we are excited to introduce them to DataBlend,” says Jacob Schuler.

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Industry Vertical:

Hospitals and Health Care


Sage Intacct
Workday Adaptive Insights

Sample Transformations:

Sage Intacct to Workday Adaptive Insights

  • Tagging actuals with additional dimensionality (customer, vendor) not possible previously
  • Cut down on month-end load process from 1 hour to less than 15 minutes
  • Flipping Negative and Positive Numbers Based on the Amount
  • Filtering Fields on Different Criteria, Accounts, etc.,
  • Field Concatenation
  • Aggregating Values: Summarizing data by months

Smartsheet to Workday Adaptive Insights

  • Eliminating Duplicate Entries
  • Defaulting if the Value is Not Present
  • Applying Bonus if Bonus is Present
  • Determining the Multiple Date Types and Transforming into a Single Date Type
  • Sending Updated Data Entries from Smartsheet to Adaptive
  • Field Concatenation
  • Aggregating Values: Summarizing data by months


  • Loading ADP roster data into Adaptive model directly, thereby cutting down the monthly headcount reconciliation process significantly

Workday Adaptive Insights to PowerBI (Coming Soon!)

What is SFTP?

SFTP, or Secure File Transfer Protocol, is a method that provides a high-level of security for sending and receiving files. Here’s a fun fact, you SFTP can be used to facilitate connections between applications that can produce and/or accept flat file exports and imports. – even if there isn’t a native integration built for it. 

On June 21, 2023, R1 RCM Inc. announced it has completed its acquisition of Cloudmed.

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