Lavoie CPA Automates their Outsourced Accounting Clients' Manual Work with DataBlend

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Lavoie CPA is a financial operations management, outsourced accounting, and consulting firm in Charlotte, NC. They help software/tech, healthcare, nonprofit, and professional services businesses save time and achieve business objectives by allowing them to focus on revenue generating operations while they handle the financial side of their business.


Lavoie CPA spent too much time on manual processes for their outsourced accounting clients.


Like many outsourced accounting firms, the power of automation seemed out of reach and expensive. Utilizing automation can aid firms in achieving faster growth and scalability. "Scaling through automation is a goal. We don't want to add resources to something that can be automated," says Sharai Lavoie, Managing Member at Lavoie CPA.

Lavoie CPA needed a solution to help outsourced accounting clients automate journal entries into Sage Intacct from other operational systems.


Lavoie CPA connected with DataBlend at the 2022 Sage Summit and became a customer later that year. "We wanted to reduce manual work, especially for our junior and staff level accounting roles regarding the basic day-to-day manual tasks."

DataBlend provides a cost-effective, streamlined way to load client financial data into Sage Intacct. DataBlend has been designed to improve operational efficiency and reduce costs. "If we touch a task too often, DataBlend comes into the conversation. It allows us to approach our clients with a fresh perspective and greater efficiency."

DataBlend has been able to automate journal entries into Sage Intacct. When Lavoie CPA runs a report, DataBlend creates the entry in Sage Intacct. "Generating revenue entries used to take up to three hours for one client. We had to massage the data, pull the reports, and then do all the mapping. Now, DataBlend runs, and it is a beautiful thing."

"From a DataBlend perspective, Lavoie CPA was great to work with. They took the time to get everything right. Our background is in finance, so we understand their need more deeply. We don't dictate the implementation. Instead, we make it interactive to fit specific needs and be repeatable," says Jonathan Cobb, Integration Consultant at DataBlend.

Automation has helped Lavoie CPA:

  • Consolidate roles
  • Save time
  • Automate processes
  • Improve data integrity

"During Lavoie CPA's implementation, DataBlend noted a few data quality errors in reporting. We added a data quality report that allows Lavoie CPA to be notified of errors and correct the file before it gets pushed through."

By automating processes, Lavoie CPA can bring even more value to their clients who use DataBlend.


"Working with DataBlend has been an easy collaborative process. Their willingness to be flexible as we built the automation during the implementation process was phenomenal. In addition to that flexibility, they also challenged us. We brainstormed scenarios and took the time to find the right solutions. Getting the right footing is essential to our overall success," says Sharai Lavoie, Managing Member at Lavoie CPA.

What's next for Lavoie CPA?

"We want to expand DataBlend to another client and implement invoicing automation."

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