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Mauldin & Jenkins believes that by working together with their clients, they can accomplish anything! Whether they are providing high-quality tax, assurance, or advisory services that help each client achieve their goals and measure their results or providing cutting-edge insights and techniques to help them grow and thrive in an ever-increasing, challenging, and competitive economic landscape, they can make a difference! Their team of 300+ talented professionals deliver comprehensive support and exceptional service to clients across the Southeast and beyond. With clients representing a wide variety of industries and needs, M&J’s partners and staff bring an intimate understanding of the challenges and risks you face, as well as current regulatory and tax considerations to guide you in making informed business decisions.

M&J is recognized annually as a Top 100 Accounting Firm by both Accounting Today and Inside Public Accounting. The Atlanta Journal-Constitution also honored the firm as a Top Place to Work.


Mauldin & Jenkins needed a solution to bridge their time tracking and billing system, CCH, and ERP, Sage Intacct. The power of automating manual tasks is not lost on the Mauldin & Jenkins team. Mauldin & Jenkins recognizes the potential of automation to optimize processes and resources and capture data insights across the finance function.


The Mauldin & Jenkins finance team was spending a lot of time completing manual journal entries from CCH to Sage Intacct. By recognizing the power of automation, Mauldin & Jenkins recognizes the potential for significant time savings for critical month-end tasks.

Challenges with Manual Processes:

  • Error prone
  • Increased risk
  • Time consuming
  • Lack of version control
  • Hinders growth
  • Lower morale


“We knew that there had to be a better way. We connected with Brian Champ, Manager of the SIAP Partner Executive Team at Sage Intacct, and he introduced us to DataBlend. From the very start, DataBlend was easy to work with. They did an excellent job presenting the connection to Sage Intacct. DataBlend was able to connect CCH and Sage Intacct. With a push of a button, it eliminated our manual journal entry processes. What used to take a full day, now takes less than 10-minutes,” says Virna Allen, Controller at Mauldin & Jenkins.

By implementing DataBlend, Mauldin & Jenkins has decreased time spent by 98%! In addition, those 10-minutes to run DataBlend are passive minutes. DataBlend runs in the background while the Mauldin & Jenkins finance team can do other tasks.

With DataBlend, M&J:

  • Decreased opportunity for errors
  • Increased time savings
  • Decreased monthly workload
  • Automated manual journal entries

“We worked closely with Zachary Griggs, DataBlend’s VP of Customer Experiences. He was amazing. Because of Zachary’s finance experience, he was able to run different scenarios and provide visibility in the general ledger that we didn’t even think of.”

“We are connecting CCH to Sage Intacct via SQL and SFTP (i.e., flat file/Excel). SFTP can be connected quickly and bypass most of the implementation process,” says Zachary Griggs, DataBlend’s VP of Customer Experiences.

DataBlend is a leader in Sage Intacct integrations because of their robust experience with Sage Intacct and focus on the office of finance. “Our connection to Sage Intacct runs deep, we have former implementors and users of Sage Intacct. More of our clients use DataBlend’s Sage Intacct connector than any other,” says David Furth, DataBlend President & CEO.


“Right now, we are at a four-day close. Automation has been a significant factor in helping us reduce our close time. Our partnership with DataBlend will get us to our goal of a three-day close. Looking ahead, we plan to migrate more journal entries from our other subsystems to further enhance our overall close process.”

Industry Vertical:



Sage Intacct
CCH Practice Management

Sample Transformations:

  • Production Journal Entries
  • Bad Debt Recovery Entry
  • Bad Debt Write-Off Entry
  • Creates Payroll Journal Entries (Coming Soon)

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