Nonotuck Resource Associates Inc. Reduced Accounting Workflow Time From Two Hours to Two Minutes with DataBlend iPaaS

Sage Intacct to Adaptive Integration


Nonotuck Resource Associates, Inc. offers Shared Living, Adult Family Care, and personalized day services for people with disabilities. Each of their services is dedicated to their mission of providing people with disabilities a choice, a voice and the opportunity to live authentic lives. Support and service locations can be found in Boston and across Massachusetts.

Ryan Gaw has been the Accounting Manager at Nonotuck for 4.5 years. He currently uses Sage Intacct and Adaptive Insights for budgeting and planning. Ryan also uses EDI Autoclaim for managing billing and payment claims and AFC Home as their electronic medical record system.



Nonotuck was working toward adopting Sage Intacct and Adaptive Insights. They consultated with CarlsonManagement (now Alight) to purchase and implement the two systems. Carlson recommended DataBlend as the iPaaS solution to integrate the systems. After the integration was completed, Nonotuck wanted DataBlend to integrate a third application called EDI Autoclaim, a medical billing application used in the industry.

“With DataBlend, we’re spending less time fixing problems and more time being proactive”. ~ Ryan G. - Accounting Mgr.



Ryan and his colleagues historically did a lot of manual data entry, exporting data from one system, manipulating it manually within spreadsheets, adding proper formatting, creating reports, uploading the data back into another system then waiting hours for the uploads to complete. After implementing Sage Intacct and Adaptive, the team’s goal was to maximize workflow efficiency, reduce number of data errors, significantly improve turn times on data transfers and automate redundant tasks.

Examples of specific challenges: 1) revenue posting took two hours to complete. 2) Extracting, transforming and loading data took several hours per report. 3) Wait times for data to load could take several hours.



DataBlend successfully integrated Sage Intacct, Adaptive Insights and EDI
Autoclaim for Nonotuck. By integrating the three applications, Ryan was able to:

  • Reduce revenue posting time from 2 hours to 2 minutes
  • Save 8-16 hours a month by automating workflows
  • Increase data entry efficiency 100%
  • Reduce rate of error to 0%
  • Focus more on being proactive rather than reactive



Nonotuck has gained incredible efficiencies by automating workflows leveraging DataBlend’s iPaaS solution. Most manual work has been removed from Ryan’s daily processes and he is now able to focus more time on other important responsibilities.

“DataBlend has helped us maximize efficiencies, eliminate manual data entry and errors, and accelerate data transfers. With DataBlend, we’re spending less time fixing problems and more time being proactive.” ~ Ryan G. - Accounting Mgr.

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Industry Vertical:

Not-For-Profit Healthcare / Human Resources


Sage Intacct, Adaptive, EDI Autoclaim


Data Parsing
based on unique identifier

Sign Flipping
GL accounts flipped as necessary

Split Label Creation
for rows with dimensions for Adaptive acceptance

Actuals Removal
in Adaptive for accuracy

Pivot Transactions
into monthly and annual summarized data for Adaptive upload

Cell Removal
Zero value or $0 cells removed for efficient review

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