Project HOPE Gains Real-Time Data Reporting with Workday Adaptive Planning, ADP, and Salesforce into Sage Intacct

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Project HOPE Boston is a multi-service agency at the forefront of efforts in Boston to move families up and out of poverty. They provide low-income women with children access to education, jobs, housing, and emergency services; foster their personal transformation; and work for broader systems change. Project HOPE Boston works in partnership with women and families in the Dorchester and Roxbury neighborhoods of Boston on their journeys up and out of poverty. They do this by being a catalyst for change in the lives of families, developing and providing programs and family support solutions to alleviate poverty and homelessness. Learn more about Project HOPE Boston’s mission >

With DataBlend, Project HOPE can:

  • Ensure all essential data is automatically synced between Workday Adaptive Planning, ADP, and Salesforce into Sage Intacct.
  • Forecast and report on financials more accurately.
  • Absorb employee churn and staffing constraints without burdening the finance department.



Project HOPE wanted to integrate Workday Adaptive Planning, ADP, and Salesforce into Sage Intacct. Alight Solutions recommended DataBlend as the preferred iPaaS integration tool, knowing that the implementation team could quickly build the finance-focused integrations they needed. Project HOPE needed an integration solution that was affordable, reliable, and easy to set up and maintain.



Like other nonprofit organizations, Project HOPE strives to improve its operational efficiency. However, it relied on manual extractions, transformations, and uploads to various systems. Project HOPE needed integration between Sage Intacct and Workday Adaptive Planning, ADP, and Salesforce. Without DataBlend, Project HOPE would face a lot more manual work. DataBlend was able to link its separate systems, and Project HOPE has significantly enhanced its accounting procedures.



Project HOPE has improved its accounting processes by integrating its finance and accounting systems with the help of DataBlend's finance-focused iPaaS solution. Specific use cases include:


Sage Intacct to Workday Adaptive Planning 

Project HOPE automates actuals in Sage Intacct to Workday Adaptive Planning. Usually done through a general ledger, Project HOPE brings actuals in through a cube sheet, which has enabled them to do robust allocations within Workday Adaptive Planning on their budget and forecast data to their many grants and programs.


ADP to Sage Intacct via SFTP

Project HOPE drops flat (Excel) ADP files onto an SFTP and loads them into Sage Intacct as journal entries. They bring over data for W2 and 1099 employees and vacation accruals. At Project HOPE, PTO is not unlimited and is paid out upon an employee's departure. Therefore, keeping track of who has available PTO at any given time is essential, as it is considered a liability. DataBlend automated the ability to pull the files from ADP, drop them on the SFTP, and generate the recognition of any earned days. 


Salesforce to Sage Intacct 

Project HOPE integrated Salesforce and Sage Intacct to help with projects and grants. They create projects in Salesforce, and with the power of DataBlend, they are created in Sage Intacct. In addition, Project HOPE is performing order entries in Salesforce to be created as a Sage Intacct transaction and then eventually booking a journal entry in Sage Intacct based on the activity in Salesforce. 

They are also automating orders based on different donations and contributions. Project HOPE has payments getting applied based on different payment types. So, if there are any other payment providers they leverage, they may have different fees and calculations applied at the point of sale at the point of receipt of the funds. That is considered in the logic before it goes into Sage Intacct. For example, if somebody donates $100 with a dollar fee based on their agreement with that processor, it'll book like $99 plus the $1 fee in Sage Intacct appropriately to represent the fees.


Sage Intacct Automation

Project HOPE reports allocations, and they need visibility for their different programs and stakeholders regarding allocating their expenses across their different grants and programs. They set up a report that pulls out the allocation data from Sage Intacct and formats it in an easily digestible way. It then goes out monthly automatically to enable leadership visibility into the allocation amounts.

DataBlend has automated Project HOPE's forecasting and budgeting process. They made it a painless integration process with Workday Adaptive Planning. Project HOPE established robust dashboards and financial reports for board and finance committee meetings. Previously, the finance team spent weeks preparing these reports in Excel, resulting in limited visibility.

Project HOPE's automation built with DataBlend has significantly saved its employees time and effort. With reduced human error and faster response time to requests, overall employee satisfaction has increased. Integrations and automations are now efficiently executed with a simple button click.



By integrating with DataBlend, uptime has increased while human intervention has been minimized, resulting in cost savings. Nonprofits often face capacity challenges, but automation can aid in streamlining processes.

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