Not-For-Profit Gains Real-Time Transaction Data Reporting with QuickBooks to Adaptive Insights Integration



A 501(c) non-profit organization dedicated to inspiring youth and families passion around science and nature, located in the Northeast region of the United States, has been a DataBlend customer since 2015. They are active users of QuickBooks and Adaptive Insights.



The organization generates daily transactions through a variety of activities relating to the business, such as membership sales, gift shop sales, annual programs, facility rental fees and fundraising. Once this transaction data is loaded into QuickBooks, the client wished to move it into Adaptive.



In order to automate moving the transaction data from QuickBooks to Adaptive, there needed to be an integration in place that would faciliate moving the data out of QuickBooks, performing transformations to meet data requirements within adaptive, for example mapping, flipping signs and pivoting, then loading the data without errors into Adaptive. The client opted to purchase DataBlend at the same time they purchased Adaptive knowing the faciliation by DataBlend would be critical to gaining access to real-time data on demand.

“I stick with DataBlend because the tool is invaluable. Every morning, I run data from the prior day around admissions, membership sales, gift ship sales, event rentals, seasonal camps and I enter all that data in QuickBooks. Then I run the DataBlend tool to move all that data into Adaptive. Now, all of our managers who watch our revenue on a day-to-day basis can run the Adaptive reports they need easily.” ~ Director of Finance and Administration - Not-For-Profit Customer



By integrating QuickBooks to Adaptive Insights via DataBlend, the organization has
been able to:

  • Push balance sheet and income statement actuals to Adaptive
  • Automate transaction data movement between both applications
  • Automate revenue reports for management
  • Easily track monthly targets in real-time
  • Decrease opportunity for errors 100%
  • Increase time savings
  • Decrease monthly workload

“We’re actually looking to expand our business with DataBlend as we work on consolidating more data into Adaptive and as we work on getting some of our newer systems worked out to the point that they can export data; we’re going to have DataBlend bridge that into Adaptive for us for the same reasons of convenience and accuracy.” ~ Jeff Aimonetti



Since partnering with DataBlend, this not-for-profit client has largely benefited from automating the movement of QuickBooks transaction data into Adaptive Insights in order to gain real-time, on demand reporting. Without the integration supported by DataBlend, this client would be facing large gaps in budgeting, forecasting and revenue tracking. By partnering with DataBlend, they continue to feel confident knowing their data is error-free, automated workflows are always available to run as needed, and the client can spend the time they would have spent on manual work to focus on the greater needs of the business.

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Industry Vertical:



QuickBooks, Adaptive


Date Formatting
mapped to summerize by month and year

Sign Flipping
GL accounts flipped to positive

Split Label Creation
for rows with dimensions for Adaptive acceptance

Actuals Removal
in Adaptive for accuracy

mapped over with blanks pushed to top level

Cell Removal
Zero value or $0 cells removed for efficient review

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