Strategic Outsource Solutions Automates their Outsourced Accounting Clients' Manual Work with DataBlend



Strategic Accounting Outsource Solutions (SAOS) offers a flexible outsourced accounting model tailored to your unique business and financial requirements. Whether you need a full or part-time bookkeeper, accountant, controller, or CFO—their trusted team of accountants and CPAs leverage the latest cloud accounting technology, delivering real-time visibility into your business 24/7.


SAOS spent too much time on manual processes from disparate systems to Sage Intacct for their outsourced accounting clients instead of focusing on critical projects.

"Anytime we cannot connect to Sage Intacct, we must perform manual processes to get daily, weekly, and monthly data, which is time-consuming," says Jessica Robb, Implementation Project Manager at SAOS.


SAOS had several outsourced accounting clients with homegrown systems. SAOS' onboarding procedure involved integrating their data into Sage Intacct's instance, which was particularly challenging due to their outdated technology.

"When a client has outdated technology, it often prevents us from accessing the needed data. And, if we do receive the data, we must reformat it and integrate it into a template to ensure that it loads properly."


SAOS met DataBlend at the Sage Summit; they were looking to automate their processes to Sage Intacct. DataBlend has the ability to automate outdated technology via an SFTP connection to Sage Intacct. "When properly coded, DataBlend automates what was once impossible."

SAOS's first use case on DataBlend is with a Mexican-based outsourced accounting client. SAOS didn't have access to the Mexican bank feeds or data. "Before DataBlend, we had to export the bank transactions via an Excel file and code the transactions. The old manual process would have taken hours, but now it takes only 20 minutes, resulting in a time savings of at least 75%. DataBlend has made it an easy, automated process."

“The files from SAOS’ client were very challenging to transform properly as the header level and the supporting data were not together. We worked with the SAOS team to understand the file, then apply our logic in grouping the data together properly to be able to transform the flat file into a journal entry that Sage Intacct could accept. Once we were able to properly group the data sets together, the rest of the entry was able to be generated. We cannot imagine the difficulty this would cause on a monthly basis to manually generate these entries for the different companies that their client had,” says Jonathan Cobb, Integration Consultant at DataBlend.

Automation has helped SAOS:

  • Save time
  • Automate processes
  • With data quality

"The overall experience has been really nice, and Jonathan Cobb's attentiveness has been pivotal to our implementation's success. He gets sole credit for why things have gone so smoothly,” says Jessica Robb, Implementation Project Manager at SAOS.


"There are many use cases for utilizing DataBlend. We have several clients in the queue for automating Sage Intacct. Our overall mission is to automate and streamline processes for time savings. Having more time allows us to focus on more client projects."

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